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Celebrities And Brands Are A Good Digital Mix


A simple analysis of partnerships among brands and celebrities demonstrates the value of this association. My mother used to tell us “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” When we look at the advertising industry and its reliance on Hollywood for talent that takes part on TV and video spots we are able to find a winning formula. That formula is applied to the TV spots playing on events that deliver the largest audiences: Olympics, Super Bowl, the Grammys, etc.

Brands with spots that featured a celebrity during the Super Bowl Game included Doritos, M&Ms, Honda and Chrysler. Results were mixed but in general spots with celebrities in them delivered good results. We should also consider the influence of optimized videos and landing sites on the overall results.

The latest campaign from Calvin Klein follows that vein with the launching of its newest bra. Supermodel Lara Stone is the celebrity that features the Calvin Klein’s bra. The twist on this global campaign is the portion that will be digital. According to MarketingDaily, Calvin Klein says digital channels will account for 70% of the global media mix, and include an interactive Facebook application which allows users to share personalized images. There will also be a hashtag sweepstakes on Twitter as well as Weibo. Read more.

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