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Mobile Helps Cyber Monday Sales Grow 17%

I believe this is a sign of things to come as smart phones continue to gain market share and consumers are less afraid of conducting financial transactions online.

Mobile Helps Cyber Monday Sales Grow 17%; Facebook and Twitter Have Little Impact | Adweek

The Rise of Online Video

Every day I find more and more information on how video continues to affect marketing. This can be observed from an analytic perspective as well as live events where a video is shown. A basic sample of the second situation is a film festival. Last night, I attended the screening of “The Impossible” which screened at the AFI festival in Los Angeles. The movie is based on a true story and recounts the struggles of a family that was caught by a tsunami while they were vacationing at a resort in Thailand. A story of this nature moves people and shakes their emotions. We all knew that this was just a movie but we couldn’t stop from feeling fear, sadness and love. The brand, AFI selects films that align with its mission, fills theaters and get sponsors that want to reach those audiences.

Also on the live events front, I recently produced a short film for a non-profit that provides services for people with mental problems. The completed film was screened for the first time at one of their fundraisers. We developed a story around two patients and their families and highlighted how the center has changed their lives. As the video was playing, I could see how people engaged with the film and followed the story. At the end, then entire audience voiced their joy and happiness for the victory of the patients of the center, they live normal lives. The viewers were happy to be part of a group that is making a big difference on many people’s lives and the video was the proof. They contribute to the non-profit.

On the analytic side, a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project study has released some data on the influence of online video during this year’s election cycle. According to the study, 66% of internet-using registered voters have gone on the web to watch videos related to the election. Discovering political videos on the web also seems to be a highly social experience. Per the study, 62% of internet-using registered voters have had others recommend online videos to them about the election or politics. Maybe the next president of the U.S. is elected because of its online video and social media strategy.

Brands that produced social videos enjoyed a strong third quarter with more than 1 billion total social video views, up 15% over the second quarter and up more than 75% over the same time period a year ago, according to a Visible Measures just-released report on social video advertising. The take away here is the raise of online video as a key player on marketing through social media and video and by default mobile. Read more:

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