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Social Media had a big part on Oscar’s night

Monica Almeida/The New York Times

It was an Oscar night tricked out as a meeting of Old Hollywood and New, a contest between the heart (King George VI) and the brain (Mark Zuckerberg), and most of all, a melding of old-school network tradition and Internet age connectivity.

The hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. More Photos »

Inevitably, with a movie like “The Social Network” one of the night’s favorites, there was bound to be an aggressive infusion of social media name dropping. But at times, the prolonged effort to pander to younger viewers was downright painful. The producers cast the young stars James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts, then kept the writing old and hoary — no aren’t-we-hip nudge was left untouched. Mr. Franco came on stage at the opening, brandishing his cellphone. While introducing a change in the set, Justin Timberlake smirked, “I’m sure they make an app for that,” and whipped out his phone as if to make it happen. Even when Mr. Franco came out in drag as Marilyn Monroe, he mugged, “I just got a text message from Charlie Sheen.” Read more

Organic brand integration

Brands Get Behind MSG’s ‘BNP Paribas Showdown’


Forget that the players are past or approaching AARP age, the fans are still bringing the noise, and the marketers are lining up. The fourth annual “BNP Paribas Showdown” at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Feb. 28 will have more sponsors doing more activation than in the prior four years, which have seen the Williams sisters play each other for the Billie Jean King Cup, among other matches.

The forthcoming match features John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl in one set, followed by a best of three-set match between Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. Read more

Political, Sports and Novelas for new Net

Univision May Launch New Nets, TV Net Revs Up 17%.


Following an expanded programming agreement with Televisa, Univision is exploring the launch of several new Spanish-language networks, including a novela channel. It may also import Televisa networks in Mexico and Latin America to the U.S. and perhaps debut a sports outlet, CEO Joe Uva said.

Uva did not provide specifics on a conference call Thursday, except to say he expects a novela channel to be in “high demand.” Univision CFO Andy Hobson said the company plans to invest $20 million to $30 million to back new networks and ramp up its sales and research capabilities. Read more

Electronic Social Etiquette

Influences Communication Success.

Report on the use of E-mail and social media across different demographic groups.
PDF here:

A 21st Century Reality

The City As Metaphor: Marketing To The American Multi-Culture

by Alain Groenendaal,

For as long as there have been cities, they have been maligned as soulless vortexes that pollute and overwhelm, irresistibly dragging innocents towards them, sucking up their aspirations and hopes when they get there. The cities of the Old Testament — Babylon, Gomorrah — were places you desperately wanted to avoid rather than go visit. Dante even located his Inferno below the city of Jerusalem: one funnel-like, ever more degrading series of rings from which people never escaped, condemned to repeat their sins without hope of breaking the cycle. In the 20th century, the city became the place where runaways were lost, old people abandoned, and everybody in between stressed beyond endurance. Read more:

Users of digital coupons have higher incomes

And are better educated.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following recent research demonstrating coupon distribution in the U.S. increased 6.8 percent in 2010 and that more coupons were distributed during the year than ever before,1 Incorporated today issued its Digital Coupons Trends Report for 2010, releasing data about consumer use of digital coupons aggregated from the digital coupon network. As the largest digital coupon network on the Web, comprised of as well as thousands of independent partners, the network is representative of the digital coupon industry overall.  Read more:

Planning and Buying TV

Rentrak Cracks Donovan: Deal Is First To Bring TV Set-Tops To Agency Desk-Tops.

In a move that could make planning and buying via digital TV set-top data a reality for many big agencies and their clients, Rentrak has cut a deal to integrate its set-top-based audience estimates into Donovan Data Systems, the company that provides the back office systems and software that power much of what Madison Avenue does, including planning, buying, posting and even paying the media. The deal, which is being announced this morning, is believed to be the first to integrate set-top data directly into the “enterprise” systems that agencies use to conduct business, and could have a profound effect on the way agencies treat the data, especially for highly-targeted niche TV networks that are not currently measured by the Nielsen Co.

Read more:

Facebook Poaches Google’s Top Executive

To develop Latin America

Nature and Architecture [ted id=1072]

The most sophisticated systems and structures already exist in nature.  Humans can replicate them to build the self sustaining cities of the future. Great video via TED

Mainstream Media Still Drives Discussion

Mainstream Media Still Drives Discussion on Twitter.

We have new technologies and media but the conversations are still generated by the traditional sources.

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