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Hispanics are Driving Growth in the Technology, Telecommunications and Entertainment Sectors

Recent research released by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) highlights the importance of the Latino market for these three categories. An important point in the report is that for every additional point increase in Hispanic marketing focus yielded a boost of about two-thirds of a point in average annual growth. In other words, if a company were to allocate an additional10 percent of ad resources to Hispanic media over five years, in general there would be an average increase of 6.8 percent in organic revenue.

One of the conclusions of the study is that the Hispanic market has moved from opportunity to a required corporate strategy for sustainable growth, particularly in the technology sector. In this discretionary category, Hispanic allocation is a significant driver to boost organic growth, particularly among companies that don’t have as revolutionary product innovation advances in their pipeline as iPhones or Google Android. Read more at HispanicAd


Facebook Scored Lowest on User Satisfaction

Facebook had the lowest score among social sites that were measured in categories like customer satisfaction. Google + tied in first place with Wikipedia. One of the reasons why Facebook users are dissatisfied with the platform is the interface changes. “As soon as they get used to one new interface, there is another rolling out. In fact, when asked what they like least about Facebook, a significant portion of respondents specifically mention the ‘timeline’ feature.” Read more:

Video SEO To Rise

This is good news for all marketers that work on the video space and are looking for ways to improve SEO.  Metadata on video is a valuable tool that can dramatically improve search results. Broadcasters must prepare to meet the September 30 deadline to include the same amount of closed captioning in online video runs of TV shows as they do in the on-air broadcasts, as mandated by the 21st Century Communications and Visibility Act.

The search improvements are dramatic according to content optimization platform Ramp who has found that the use of tags and transcriptions in Web video can drive engagement rates anywhere from 40% to 300%, according to an interview with Beet.TV.

Fox Sports and Sony’s Crackle have used the Ramp tools to increase traffic to their sites in the double digits. Read more in this article at MediaPost.

Summer Travel and Millennial Hispanics

Central Park


This is the season when many of us plan summer vacation for the entire family. Children are off from school and we schedule our vacation around that time. In my case I took a few days off to join three of my brothers and their families who had taken a month off from our native Ecuador to travel along the East Coast of the U.S.

Their first stop was Orlando, Florida with a visit to the amusement parks in the area. Then they drove north along the coast, visiting the many states along the road. I joined them in New York for a visit to Niagara Falls, a place that I never visited during my 7 years in New York City. Upon our return to the big apple, we spend 7 days visiting the many attractions the city offers. My travel pattern fits in with the domestic travel patterns of Hispanics in their 30’s even though I belong to the baby boomer segment..

According to research from Experian Simmons, Hispanics 18 to 29 without kids are more likely to travel than those who are parents. 68% of this group does not have children, and 72% have traveled recently. This is quite different from Hispanics in their 30s, who are more likely to take a trip if they have kids: 62% have them have children, and 66% of them have traveled. To learn more about the travel habits of Hispanic Millennials, read this article at insight tr3s.

Stars, Cars and Coffee

Sounds like a match made in heaven for product integration and a TV show but the latest project from comedian extraordinaire Jerry Seinfeld may be a venture where Seinfeld wants to keep creative control and forgo the big money that comes with TV deals and advertising. The star and Crackle are not saying much about the web series that launches on July 19 on the Sonny digital distribution property. I read a couple of articles on the subject and perhaps the best coverage is on this post from Variety.

ABC, FOX & NBC Launch Latino Channels

The level of activity among U.S. broadcasters trying to reach the U.S. Latino market are a clear indicator of the value  this market has. Hispanics are a vibrant community, 50 million plus strong and a trillion dollars worth of purchasing power. The strategies that broadcasters have taken include partnerships with Latin channels or content producers and channels on Spanish and English language.

ABC partnered with Univision to launch a English language news and lifestyle channel. Fox partnered with RCN, a content producer and broadcaster from Colombia, to launch MundoFox a Spanish language channel and NBC is leveraging its news resources and ownership of Telemundo to launch the site NBCLatino.

The new channels are an addition to several stations that are already active in the space.

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