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Marketers Advised To Target Ethnic Preferences

Be Authentic and Focus Where it Matters Most.

Those are the findings from a Yahoo-Mindshare study with participation of Added Value. We have been offering that advise to clients for the past 10 years. It is not about what everyone is doing, it’s about identifying how your product or service is relevant to that segment and then developing a communications plan that understand the media and lifestyle behavior of that group. read the article bellow.

People-Different--Etnicity At the risk of stereotyping, new research is emerging to help brands make the most of their    multicultural marketing efforts.

Online content preferences for each ethnicity are closely tied to the major drivers of their ethnic identity, according to a new report from Yahoo and Mindshare in participation with Added Value.

Indeed, seven in 10 ethnic minorities say that ethnicity remains a significant part of their identity, the study found.

Among the most important drivers are music for African-Americans; political beliefs for Hispanics; and eating habits for Asians. For some categories, ethnicity does not seem to factor as prominently. Automotive, pharmaceuticals, and travel were three prime examples. Read more

Network honchos, continue to stress they consider diversity to be a priority both in front of and behind the camera

The Cosby’s and Lopez’s missing on the airwaves. Can there be a future on the web.

"Reed Between the Lines"

Tracee Ellis-Ross, left, and Malcolm Jamal-Warner star in “Reed Between the Lines.” (Paul Abell / Associated Press / November 19, 2011)

By Greg Braxton, Los Angeles TimesNovember 19, 2011

In most respects, BET‘s “Reed Between the Lines” fits snugly within the safe cookie-cutter mold of the traditional family sitcom — successful, attractive parents with adorable kids tackle the daily challenges of life and resolve them in less than 30 minutes.

The upbeat comedy, starring Tracee Ellis Ross (“Girlfriends”) and Malcolm-Jamal Warner (“The Cosby Show”) as the heads of a loving family, recalls the subject matter and tone of “The Cosby Show” — the 1980s program also built around an African American family that helped revive the sitcom genre 25 years ago with a smart and gentle mix of humor and poignancy. (Jamal-Warner starred as Theo, Bill Cosby‘s son, in the Emmy-winning series, which ran for eight seasons onNBC.) Read more:

Pitbull, Latino Stars to Shine at American Music Awards

Pitbull AMA 3.jpg

Fox Latino News reports on the Latino presence at the 2011 American Music Awards. Pitbull competes with Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez on different categories. Bellow is a transcript and a link to the whole story.

The rapper of Cuban descent Pitbull is the Latino with the most chances at the AMAs this year with two nominations, one as Favorite Male Artist in Pop or Rock Music, where he will compete against Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, and another as Favorite Artist in Latin Music, where he is up against E nrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez.

Also with two nominations are Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Jason Aldean, Kanye West, LMFAO and Nicki Minaj, while Angeleno artist Miguel of Mexican origin is a candidate for New Artist of the Year in Soul/R&B.

Pitbull will also take the stage to provide some musical backing for the awards in a performance accompanied by Marc Anthony and Lil Jon. Read more:

University of Notre Dame Report: More Money for City Coffers.

Latinos Provide Gains, Not Drain.

This article from Progress Illinois reports on the results of research done by the University of Notre Dame. Contrary to what people on the street believe, the facts prove that there is tax contributions that outweigh the consumption of local services.

In addition to increased tax revenue, the findings show that Latinos’ growing presence in the workforce has provided the Chicago area with an economic stimulus. Latinos earned $26.2 billion in 2009; after taking out taxes, savings, and money sent back to family in other countries, the population pumped $12.3 billion back into the local economy. Juan Carlos Guzmán, lead author of the report, speculated that after accounting for multiplier effects such as indirect spending stimulated by Latino consumption, the total impact on the Chicago region was closer to $23 billion. Read more.

Travel Marketers Increasing Mobile Spend, App Development in 2012

I identified  there are key marketing strategies that brands active in multicultural markets can focus its efforts: social media, branded content, mobile and grass roots. The article bellow identifies a category where 3 of those are also growth areas: the travel segment. I bet there are several other industries where this also applies.

Already an early presence in the mobile space, marketers in the travel segment plan to increase their efforts in 2012, according to the annual Frommer Unlimited Digital Content Trends survey. More than half (54%) of travel companies will be increasing their mobile spend, with 20% keeping it the same.

Mobile is still only the third-most-popular area for travel content marketing investment expansions, however. Both social media marketing (65%) and brand content (55%) are even more likely to see increased investment.

Apps appear to be a favorite among travel companies.  Read more

Facebook popular among small businesses.

The growth of Facebook from an educational environment to corporate America should continue as more college graduates join the work force and its adoption includes older generations. Do you have a social strategy and the resources it requires?

Read the article bellow for more information.
Small Biz Embracing Social Media, But Obstacles Remain

More small businesses are embracing social media for advertising and marketing, according to a new survey of 1,972 small businesses by Constant Contact — a finding which bodes well for local and location-based social media ad spending in the long term. But at the same time a separate survey of 343 small business executives by Social Strategy1 found many small business owners are still grappling with the question of how to use social media to grow their businesses. Read more

70% of Online Video Ad Viewers Visit Site or Buy.

Comedy Rules.

Comedy is the most popular form of online video content among all viewers (38.8%), followed by news (33.3%) and music (31.2%). However, there are some dramatic differences between what men and women typically watch online:

  • Women are more likely than men to watch educational videos (31.2% vs. 24.5%) and drama (24.7% vs. 13.9%)
  • Men are more likely than women to watch sports (31.2% vs. 8.2%) and animation/cartoons (22.0% vs. 11.3%)

Read more 

Minorities More Active on Mobile Web.

Also echoed at the MMA: Minorities over index general population on the use of mobile devices. That highlights the importance of understanding the Multicultural segment and how technology intersects with the culture and brand needs.

Hispanic mobile users are nearly 17 percentage points more likely to use mobile web than whites

While whites make up the lion’s share of US mobile phone and mobile internet users, a new eMarketer forecast estimates Hispanic, Asian and black mobile users in the US access the mobile internet more often than their white counterparts, and that they will continue to outpace whites in mobile internet adoption through 2015.

eMarketer estimates that about two-thirds of US mobile users will be white at the end of this year, decreasing to 64.1% to 2015 as black, Asian and Hispanic consumers inch upward in mobile adoption.

US Mobile Phone User Share, by Race/Ethnicity, 2010-2015 (% of total)

Read more

Win With Ethnic Consumers: That’s the Rallying Cry at ANA Conference

Have American brands and marketers finally realized that segmentation and localization were the strategy required to market to U.S. Latinos. Their international departments were already doing it. Chiqui Cartagena, the VP-corporate marketing for Univision Communications Inc., reports from the conference for AdAge Blogs.

This year’s ANA Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Conference was so hot, it ended with a fire alarm . . . literally. A false alarm cleared the room a half hour before closing time.

The 12th annual gathering of those of us who toil in the business of marketing to ethnic consumers broke attendance marks and brought to Miami Beach a record number of high-powered marketers who shared insights and best practices.

The growth of the conference is no doubt a reflection of the upsurge that multicultural marketing is having in the business community. The number of attendees has doubled in just a few years.

It’s amazing to hear C-level executives –- from Pepsico to Home Depot, Miller Coors and Walmart — tell the crowd of over 700 people that marketing to ethnic consumers has become a business imperative for their corporations, and that the only way they are going to achieve their numbers in these tough economic times is by focusing on Latinos, African-Americans and Asians. Read more

Univision Vows to Remain Player in Socce

Univision Vows to Remain Player in Soccer Despite Telemundo Winning World Cup Rights

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