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The Writing is on the Wall

A couple of articles this week bring insight into what the future of broadcast media will look like: the ability to micro target (comes with a premium). A saying comes to mind: what do you rather have: a bird on hand or one thousand flying?

Google TV started the trend and continues to build but the fact that Microsoft cut a deal with a network, will open new doors. SEO expert Gregory Markel shared his view on the deal:

“In a paradigm busting move that dramatically enables Microsoft to gain ground on Google TV’s lead in the space, Microsoft’s answer to Google TV, “Navic” has closed a deal with NBC Universal to sell ad time on its cable networks and for the first time in history, one local BROADCAST network. Yes, a BROADCAST network. Navic still has a much smaller reach than Google TV, however, this precedent setting foray into BROADCAST network TV, albeit local for now, is ground breaking and perhaps a harbinger of the traditional approach to buying network TV.

We will remain vigilant on this front and keep you apprised of this momentum via Navic briefings as both Google TV and Navic appear to be entering the Broadcast TV arena. One thing that is for sure, you can bet Google will be working furiously to keep up/better Microsoft’s foray into offering bid based BROADCAST network buys. (read WSJ article)

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