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Digital Highlights – July 2013

July highlights in the digital space include the power of email when it comes to sales, the fact that Millennials still relay on search to discover things online, and the continued growth of video.

Marketing company Custora’s findings bring into perspective the effectiveness of one particular channel when it comes down to sales. According to their report, in the last 4 years, online retailers have quadrupled the rate of customers acquired through email to nearly 7 percent. That beats the results on social platforms. Product sales on Facebook have been flat for the last year.

The same report found that clients that came via organic and paid search were more than 50 percent more valuable than average, they were more likely to shop more and spend more.

A recent survey of Telefonica that researched 1000 Millennials found that in the social media age, this segment of the population still uses old fashion online search. More than half used a search engine to find information on restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and services.

According to the same report, Millennials use the internet as the preferred source of information versus social media. On the commerce side, 24% of Millennials have used a web site with a  daily deal in the last six months.

Ooyala’s latest report indicates that TV audiences are getting a fix of their favorite shows via their tablets and smart phones. This audience rose 19% over last quarter and now accounts for 10% of all views. Further, tablets are the dominant players of long form contact.

The consumption of video on portals like Youtube is also on the rise. This opens the doors for more companies that use content marketing via video and can integrate on screen e-commerce to leverage and monetize this trend. Several vendors have e commerce services that allow you to transact while watching a video that features the product. And according to a Youtube spokesperson 40% of Youtube videos are coming from mobile devices.


The Rise of Online Video

Every day I find more and more information on how video continues to affect marketing. This can be observed from an analytic perspective as well as live events where a video is shown. A basic sample of the second situation is a film festival. Last night, I attended the screening of “The Impossible” which screened at the AFI festival in Los Angeles. The movie is based on a true story and recounts the struggles of a family that was caught by a tsunami while they were vacationing at a resort in Thailand. A story of this nature moves people and shakes their emotions. We all knew that this was just a movie but we couldn’t stop from feeling fear, sadness and love. The brand, AFI selects films that align with its mission, fills theaters and get sponsors that want to reach those audiences.

Also on the live events front, I recently produced a short film for a non-profit that provides services for people with mental problems. The completed film was screened for the first time at one of their fundraisers. We developed a story around two patients and their families and highlighted how the center has changed their lives. As the video was playing, I could see how people engaged with the film and followed the story. At the end, then entire audience voiced their joy and happiness for the victory of the patients of the center, they live normal lives. The viewers were happy to be part of a group that is making a big difference on many people’s lives and the video was the proof. They contribute to the non-profit.

On the analytic side, a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project study has released some data on the influence of online video during this year’s election cycle. According to the study, 66% of internet-using registered voters have gone on the web to watch videos related to the election. Discovering political videos on the web also seems to be a highly social experience. Per the study, 62% of internet-using registered voters have had others recommend online videos to them about the election or politics. Maybe the next president of the U.S. is elected because of its online video and social media strategy.

Brands that produced social videos enjoyed a strong third quarter with more than 1 billion total social video views, up 15% over the second quarter and up more than 75% over the same time period a year ago, according to a Visible Measures just-released report on social video advertising. The take away here is the raise of online video as a key player on marketing through social media and video and by default mobile. Read more: http://bit.ly/Vw7lXN

Celebrities And Brands Are A Good Digital Mix


A simple analysis of partnerships among brands and celebrities demonstrates the value of this association. My mother used to tell us “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” When we look at the advertising industry and its reliance on Hollywood for talent that takes part on TV and video spots we are able to find a winning formula. That formula is applied to the TV spots playing on events that deliver the largest audiences: Olympics, Super Bowl, the Grammys, etc.

Brands with spots that featured a celebrity during the Super Bowl Game included Doritos, M&Ms, Honda and Chrysler. http://bit.ly/xFZ8EN Results were mixed but in general spots with celebrities in them delivered good results. We should also consider the influence of optimized videos and landing sites on the overall results.

The latest campaign from Calvin Klein follows that vein with the launching of its newest bra. Supermodel Lara Stone is the celebrity that features the Calvin Klein’s bra. The twist on this global campaign is the portion that will be digital. According to MarketingDaily, Calvin Klein says digital channels will account for 70% of the global media mix, and include an interactive Facebook application which allows users to share personalized images. There will also be a hashtag sweepstakes on Twitter as well as Weibo. Read more.

Video SEO To Rise

This is good news for all marketers that work on the video space and are looking for ways to improve SEO.  Metadata on video is a valuable tool that can dramatically improve search results. Broadcasters must prepare to meet the September 30 deadline to include the same amount of closed captioning in online video runs of TV shows as they do in the on-air broadcasts, as mandated by the 21st Century Communications and Visibility Act.

The search improvements are dramatic according to content optimization platform Ramp who has found that the use of tags and transcriptions in Web video can drive engagement rates anywhere from 40% to 300%, according to an interview with Beet.TV.

Fox Sports and Sony’s Crackle have used the Ramp tools to increase traffic to their sites in the double digits. Read more in this article at MediaPost.

Stars, Cars and Coffee

Sounds like a match made in heaven for product integration and a TV show but the latest project from comedian extraordinaire Jerry Seinfeld may be a venture where Seinfeld wants to keep creative control and forgo the big money that comes with TV deals and advertising. The star and Crackle are not saying much about the web series that launches on July 19 on the Sonny digital distribution property. I read a couple of articles on the subject and perhaps the best coverage is on this post from Variety.

Video Continues to Grow

There is no doubt that the proliferation of devices like tablets and smart phones are responsible for the increased consumption of video as well as its mobilization. According to Ooyala’s report, people are watching more videos on their tablets and mobile devices, and for longer periods. The overall share of time watched on smartphones grew by 41% last quarter. The share of time watched on tablets grew by 32%. Read more.

Netflix Surpasses Apple In Online Movies

Impressive growth in the online video space based on this article that reviews subscriptions and transactions of online movies. The market doubled revenue on 2011 and will do the same on 2012.  Read more

Social Video On The Rise

According to an article by Daisy Whitney of VidBlog, we have proof of the power of social media. According to the article, MeFeedia grew traffic to its site 20x via social discovery. That is significant and should be an indicator for media planners and buyers that they have new tools to reach audiences. On my conversations with agency folks, both media and brand, I see that digital models from the 1.0 and 2.0 eras continue to be the standards by which they make decisions with regards to digital media buys.

Traffic at portals like Yahoo or AOL where the matrix of Web 1.0; SEO was the formula to make it to page one via Google seaarches on web 2.0. However, once social entered the equation, socialites or celebrities with a large following on social media can drive traffic to a video, a new site or a portal. Read more. http://bit.ly/LkoWHw

Video and Social Marketing Drive Content Marketing

I read an article on Forbers that pointed out that the technologies currently dominating the media landscape may not be the dominant payers in 5 to 10 years as new platforms take their place on an ongoing evolution. It seems that Darwin’s theory of evolution not only applies to living creatures but also to technology.

Take a look at technologies that were leaders in a field 10 years ago and try to place them in the current ecosystem. You will find that many are no longer around and others are fighting for survival. When was the last time you used a fax machine, a VCR or a camera with film?

If evolution in technology is crucial for survival, another key element is synergy among technologies. That synergy enables evolution. Ten years ago everyone was talking about convergence. At that time it was between television and the emerging internet. That convergence has become a reality in the last couple of years and will continue to dramatically alter many industries including media, advertising and content creation.

An emerging trend is the convergence of content and social media. This can be seen on the current contract terms for film and television celebrities. It requires celebrities to promote the content via social elements.

I’m currently working with a variation of the above. It is the convergence of online video and social media. The BeeYoo platform provides a medium for socially connected celebrities to monetize content they create or own. Research shows that we tend to gravitate to content that features celebrities. This is a new model where advertisers can reach large audiences that tune in to view exclusive content from celebrities. Audiences are built via celebrities’ postings on social media outlets.

We need to stay on top of these trends because they are the base for new strategies in the areas of media, content creation and advertising. This research briefing from The Center for Media Research presents how video and social marketing drive content marketing. Read more.

46% of online video viewers search new product or brand mentioned on video.

YouTube is the second search engine right behind Google. It makes tremendous sense that users get more information on products they discover on videos. Humans are visual creatures, we learn by using our sight more than other senses. As more and more videos are uploaded to the different hosting sites, including branded content and videos with product placement, video will become a new frontier on the discovery of new products and services. Read the article from VidBlog here http://bit.ly/HD9AyK

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