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U.S. Small Business Plan to Spend More

Online, Video and Mobile Marketing are increasing  in 2011.


Small business owners are increasingly optimistic overall, and nearly half (46%) plan increased marketing spending in 2011, up from 29% who planned increases in 2010. According to the Ad-ology 2011 Small Business Marketing Forecast, these businesses are committing more resources to online marketing and show increased interest in newer marketing methods such as online video and mobile marketing. Read more:

Mobile Email Opens Report

By Knotice

The following represents the percentage of all email opens occurring on a mobile device, by mobile operating system (OS) or device, based on a composite cross sampling of 155.3 million emails sent across 12 industry segments in Q4 2010. This first table also includes percentages for desktop email opens as a reference point.  Subsequent tables that follow only contain mobile percentages. Read more:

Auto industry- at Super Bowl

Big presence at #Super Bowl 2011.

All Super Bowl 2011 Ads have been published. You see links to watch them below.
You can also watch all published Super Bowl 2011 commercials in our Super Bowl Ads Video Gallery.

Google’s reins back to founder

From New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Google made the biggest management shake-up in a decade on Thursday, handing the reins of the company to one of its co-founders in an effort to rediscover its start-up roots.

Eric Schmidt, right, and Larry Page, in July.

As it has grown into the dominant company in Silicon Valley, Google has lost some of its entrepreneurial culture and become a slower-moving bureaucracy, analysts and insiders say, in contrast to FacebookTwitter and other younger, more agile competitors. Read more:

Digital video stats 2010

85% of all Internet consumers, 200 videos per person and around 13 hours per month.

San Francisco — Big video usage numbers continue to come to the digital video industry — even if things have tapered off a bit.

In speaking at the OMMA Video conference in San Francisco, Dan Piech, senior product management analyst of comScore, says the business is now firmly established and mature.

After some major growth in 2006, Piech says stats have leveled to 180 million visitors watching videos per month. That comes to 85% of all Internet consumers, 200 videos per person and around 13 hours per month. Read more:

Hispanics Online

Graphic representation.

Message boards, video games and online gambling are dominant categories. See graph:

Business Development and Marketing

A Priority For Small Business.

An overwhelming majority of small business owners plan to spend money on their business in 2011, according to a new survey by Manta, Seventy-seven percent plan to spend in 2011 even though 85% reported they implemented across-the-board cuts in 2010. read more:

If You’re Good At One Of These 8 Things

Start A Company

We all know successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of school, and people with high IQs that cannot manage a business. I used to call this “street smarts,” but recently I found a better explanation, called multiple intelligences.

Successful entrepreneurs always seem to have several good intelligences. Read more:

Pay the baby sitter via your iPhone!

Financial services provider Intuit is making a mobile payments play this week with the launch of a free version of its nearly two-year-old GoPayment service. “GoPayment, designed for small businesses that don’t yet accept credit cards — think babysitters, plumbers, dogwalkers and flea market vendors — aims to compete with Square, a mobile payments company launched in 2009 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey,” Fortune reports. Read more:

Argentina surpassed Chile on wine exports to U.S.

Thanks to Malbec. Measured on $$ (Spanish).

During the past five years, bottled wine exports to the United States grew from 76 to $ 222 million, representing an increase of 16.8% compared with 2.4% growth in wines from Chile in the same market.

This is a first for Argentinean wines and is a reflection of extensive work done for some time through entities such as Wines of Argentina, ProMendoza, COVIAR, among others, and by many winemakers who see exports as the key driver of business growth.

For both Argentina and Chile, the U.S. market represents their most important country of export, occupying 34% and 17% respectively, although wines from Chile continue to have a greater presence in volume which amounts to 7.5 million boxes compared with 6.9 million for Argentinean wines.

Wines of Argentina, responsible for promoting the wine abroad, explained: “America is a market that demands expertise and Argentina is great at producing Malbec and this country’s progress in this market is the result of a direct, powerful and precise message, “said Alberto Arizu (h), president of the institution.

Read the article in Spanish:

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