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Google action during the Super Bowl

new york giants celebrating super bowl win
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Celebrities and pets perform on Super Bowl ads

The 2012 Super Bowl was a mix of characters including the animal kind. What did they all have in common: mass appeal, stir emotions and the ability to drive traffic to the micro sites. Other brands appealed to crowd sourcing for the creation of the ads and run user generated ads. Doritos was in the later category. The article bellow provides more details on this mix bunch of ads.

Doritos, M&Ms Trump Celebrities To Deliver Top Super Bowl Ad Ratings


Doritos’ consumer-generated ads featuring a dastardly dog and a flying baby triumphed over a parade of celebrity-driven spots to win Brand Bowl 2012.

Hosted by Boston-based agency Mullen and Boston.com, Brand Bowl monitored 400,000 Twitter comments about the more than 50 commercials during the Super Bowl and ranked them according to the volume of chatter they created and their popularity.

Doritos’ annual “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign involves consumer-created spots and people voting online that get to run on air during the game. One of the Doritos commercials this year involved a Great Dane bribing a man with Doritos after he sees the dog burying the family cat. In the other, a grandmother slingshots a baby in a swinging seat to snag a bag of Doritos from a boy in a tree fort.  Read more: http://bit.ly/xFZ8EN 

62% of Super Bowl spots contained celebrities

The power of established talent from films, music and sports was at the driving seat on more than half of the spots that run during the Super Bowl. They drove large numbers of traffic to micro sites as in the case of Honda’s Matthew Broderick ad which succeeded in driving viewers to the company’s site, but the site wasn’t prepared for the traffic blitz and had a page load time of 40 seconds, making it the slowest of all monitored sites during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Ads Score Digital Response, H&M, ‘Voice’ Big Draws


When it comes to consumers’ digital responses to Super Bowl XLVI’s TV advertising, there are two big winners: The H&M commercial featuring soccer star David Beckham and NBC’s own efforts for the new season of “The Voice.”

According to media holding company IPG Group’s analysis of its Mediabrands Audience Platform digital units and social analytics researcher Simply Measured, “The Voice” doubled its nearest rival in terms of Twitter mentions. It scored with a spy-theme action spot featuring Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Betty White. Read more: http://bit.ly/yPe7cf

Most Brands Do It. Google’s Schmidt:

From Campaign

‘We strongly believe that advertising has value’

CANNES 2011 – Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt today (22 June) claimed the search specialist and performance-based marketing proponent was now aware of the power of brand advertising, after the success of last year’s Super Bowl TV ad.

Read the whole article http://bit.ly/mfDbzc

Auto industry- at Super Bowl

Big presence at #Super Bowl 2011.

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TV and big events still deliver for mark

TV and big events still deliver for marketers.
BMW to Make Super Bowl Comeback After 10 Years. http://bit.ly/gB2XQT

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