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Hispanic Market Impacts National Landscape Significantly

When close to 20% of your universe is the fastest growing segment, adopts new technologies faster than other groups and its not completely assimilate into the larger majority, you have to pay attention and determine how any initiative that you implement in this group or decide not to include in your overall plans, will affect your bottom line.

If you are like me, you will do some research and get the facts. Well, Nielsen has done that for us and here are the key findings.

The Executive Summary of the report shows that:

  • Latinos are a fundamental component to business success, and not a passing niche on the sidelines
  • Rapid Latino population growth will persist, even if immigration is completely halted
  • Latinos have amassed significant buying power, despite perceptions to the contrary
  • Hispanics are the largest immigrant group to exhibit significant culture sustainability and are not disappearing into the American melting pot
  • Technology and media use do not mirror the general market but have distinct patterns due to language, culture, and ownership dynamics
  • Latinos exhibit distinct product consumption patterns and are not buying in ways that are the same as the total market

Read more: http://bit.ly/K8UTaw

MTV Studies Millennials In The Workplace: Uses It To Transform Its Own, Maybe Even Yours

Great research piece from the creators of a medium that shaped the trends of the music industry in the 80’s and 90’s and was influential among Boomers.

When it launched to a generation of baby boomers in the early 1980s, the “M” in MTV stood for “music” — but based on some new research, the letter now stands more for “Millennials,” the generation that is reshaping today’s consumer and media markets, and even MTV itself. While it’s no surprise that the Viacom network has been refocusing on the current youth market, it’s also allowing today’s youth to refocus MTV, both from the outside in, and the inside out.

On the outside, MTV has just completed one of the most in-depth studies of the work habits of Millennials, the findings of which may surprise some. On the inside, it is using that research — and some seemingly counterintuitive organizational strategies — to transform its own workplace, in an effort to remain relevant with a generation MTV believes will reshape everything about, well, everything. Read more: http://bit.ly/AeFVN1

Affection Favors Southwest, Google, Dove

Who do you like?


In the ephemeral world of brand affection, which isn’t necessarily reflected in sales volume, Southwest Airlines, Google and Dove are big winners. But there are differences when it comes to gender. Women, it seems, favor Hallmark, Kohl’s, Lexus, Target, Neutrogena, and Crest. Gentlemen prefer not blondes, but Cadillac, BMW, Apple, Sharp, and GE.

These are the results from neuro-research firm Buyology and uSamp’s second annual study on affection, “Most Desired Brands in the U.S.” The study purports to quantitatively type and measure consumer relationships with brands based on non-conscious connections. Read more: http://bit.ly/A7g3Bi

Group M, Kantar To Use Set-Top Data To Study Hispanic Consumers

Research has always been the base under which media buyers and marketers allocate budgets. Research for Hispanic media has not reach the level of debt that the general market has. I look forward to the results of this work. We are in a time of transition, a time when both sides of the language equation battle for media money. The Census shows us that Latino/Hispanic growth is taking place via U.S. born children and not new immigrants. However, leading Spanish language broadcasters continue to lead ratings in key demos  among all broadcasters. Group M and Kantar Media, I look forward to the results.

Group M and Kantar Media, both WPP companies, will explore the relationship between Hispanic consumers’ programming and viewing behavior by integrating “the return path data from set-top boxes with other data” about product purchases, writes Jon Lafayette. Read more http://bit.ly/v6933w 

Smaller Companies Better Suited to Succeed?

Disruption Demands ‘Customer-Obsessed’ Model.

Technology-empowered consumers are so radically disrupting the traditional competitive scenario across industries that companies must now be “customer-obsessed,” not just “customer-centric,” in order to survive and thrive, contends a new report from Forrester Research, Inc.

This isn’t mere jargon — it requires willingness to make fundamental thinking, strategic and investment shifts — including redistributing money spent on brand advertising and other traditional dominance-creating areas, stresses Josh Bernoff, senior vice president, idea development for Forrester Research and primary author of thereport, “Competitive Strategy In the Age of the Customer.” Read the whole story here http://bit.ly/iDIYnT

Media Growth Trends

The Media Growth Survey was created to capture senior media industry executives’ outlook on growth opportunities and key challenges that face the industry in the months and years ahead.  The survey is also meant to be a tool for senior executives to improve business performance by identifying and ranking a number of industry trends.  The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. and Econsultancy are pleased to share with you the results of the first-ever Media Growth Survey, which received responses from nearly 500 c-level executives across the media, information, marketing services and technology sectors.  Read the report: http://bit.ly/g7RbmE

Mobile Email Opens Report

By Knotice

The following represents the percentage of all email opens occurring on a mobile device, by mobile operating system (OS) or device, based on a composite cross sampling of 155.3 million emails sent across 12 industry segments in Q4 2010. This first table also includes percentages for desktop email opens as a reference point.  Subsequent tables that follow only contain mobile percentages. Read more:

Business Development and Marketing

A Priority For Small Business.

An overwhelming majority of small business owners plan to spend money on their business in 2011, according to a new survey by Manta, Seventy-seven percent plan to spend in 2011 even though 85% reported they implemented across-the-board cuts in 2010. read more: http://bit.ly/ep27Hr

Univision drawing more attention for its ratings victories

From New York Times

TV Viewing Continues to Edge Up.

The biggest gainer on the broadcast ledger was a Spanish-language player, Univision, which is drawing more attention for its ratings victories. For the year it averaged a 1.5 rating among 18- to 49-year-olds and 3.7 million total viewers. On an otherwise quiet Monday last week, the finale of one of its telenovelas, “Soy Tu Dueña,” or “I’m Your Owner,” averaged four million viewers in that demographic, beating all the English-language networks for the night. Read more: http://nyti.ms/dYl6AM

Time Spent on Magazines, Newspapers, Radio Slips in 2010

Father Time wasn’t kind to traditional media in 2010, judging by the latest data from eMarketer: The average amount of time spent with magazines, newspapers and radio dipped compared to 2009.

While magazines and newspapers took the biggest hits, even small declines are ominous for radio, as they continue a trend already in evidence in previous years. These losses are especially noteworthy in light of the overall increase in media consumption, including the Internet.

Senior analyst Lisa Phillips summed up the changes: “Mobile devices will claim more and more media time per day, while TV, print and radio will slowly lose ground to digital media. Those trends have been most apparent with print media in recent years, but are now beginning to show up in TV and radio usage as well.” Read more: http://bit.ly/ek0S33

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