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Email Generates More Conversions Than Social

Email Delivers Results

Email Delivers Results

In less than two months I found two different articles that presented research findings on the topic of online influence results of email and social channels. Given the amount of buzz that sites like Twitter and Facebook receive, combined with the amount of users they have, I imagine they would be the conduits for most online influence when it comes down to new business sources.

Well, the results are in and for second time in less than 60 days, email provides the best bottom line results. According to research from SocialTwist, email provided the best conversion among leads generated from social and email channels.  In their findings, email far excelled at conversion: from the 300,000 conversions to new customers, 50.8% were reached via email, compared to 26.8% for Twitter and 22% for Facebook. Read the entire article http://bit.ly/12tOAlY


Digital Highlights – July 2013

July highlights in the digital space include the power of email when it comes to sales, the fact that Millennials still relay on search to discover things online, and the continued growth of video.

Marketing company Custora’s findings bring into perspective the effectiveness of one particular channel when it comes down to sales. According to their report, in the last 4 years, online retailers have quadrupled the rate of customers acquired through email to nearly 7 percent. That beats the results on social platforms. Product sales on Facebook have been flat for the last year.

The same report found that clients that came via organic and paid search were more than 50 percent more valuable than average, they were more likely to shop more and spend more.

A recent survey of Telefonica that researched 1000 Millennials found that in the social media age, this segment of the population still uses old fashion online search. More than half used a search engine to find information on restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and services.

According to the same report, Millennials use the internet as the preferred source of information versus social media. On the commerce side, 24% of Millennials have used a web site with a  daily deal in the last six months.

Ooyala’s latest report indicates that TV audiences are getting a fix of their favorite shows via their tablets and smart phones. This audience rose 19% over last quarter and now accounts for 10% of all views. Further, tablets are the dominant players of long form contact.

The consumption of video on portals like Youtube is also on the rise. This opens the doors for more companies that use content marketing via video and can integrate on screen e-commerce to leverage and monetize this trend. Several vendors have e commerce services that allow you to transact while watching a video that features the product. And according to a Youtube spokesperson 40% of Youtube videos are coming from mobile devices.

Facebook Scored Lowest on User Satisfaction

Facebook had the lowest score among social sites that were measured in categories like customer satisfaction. Google + tied in first place with Wikipedia. One of the reasons why Facebook users are dissatisfied with the platform is the interface changes. “As soon as they get used to one new interface, there is another rolling out. In fact, when asked what they like least about Facebook, a significant portion of respondents specifically mention the ‘timeline’ feature.” Read more: http://bit.ly/NFFuQR.

Facebook popular among small businesses.

The growth of Facebook from an educational environment to corporate America should continue as more college graduates join the work force and its adoption includes older generations. Do you have a social strategy and the resources it requires?

Read the article bellow for more information.
Small Biz Embracing Social Media, But Obstacles Remain

More small businesses are embracing social media for advertising and marketing, according to a new survey of 1,972 small businesses by Constant Contact — a finding which bodes well for local and location-based social media ad spending in the long term. But at the same time a separate survey of 343 small business executives by Social Strategy1 found many small business owners are still grappling with the question of how to use social media to grow their businesses. Read more

Spanish, English And Spanglish: Facebook Fans React

I’m a first generation Latino and interact with Latinos on a daily bases. Many recent immigrants speak only Spanish, most first generation are fully bilingual, I’m keeping my children bilingual but have run into many second generation Latinos that only speak English. I think that the more skills you have the more opportunities you have and that includes speaking and writing other languages. Where are you in this language issue.

Via NPR.

When we asked our Facebook fans how the use of Spanish and English was affecting them, we were surprised by the more than 1,000 comments the question received. Fans shared feelings of appreciation, claimed it had enhanced their love lives and expressed annoyance and anger at being turned down for jobs for not knowing Spanish. One mother in Texas even told us she made her husband sleep outside her son’s school “in the cold and rain” to secure a spot in a dual language program. Here is a sampling of responses. ¡Que disfruten! (Enjoy!) Read more http://n.pr/r2zOp6

Live At Your Living Room. Facebook Proves To Google Live Streaming Concerts Pay.


Google’s YouTube might have pioneered the ability to stream live worldwide events for free online, but one band got viewers to pay for views on Facebook for the first time.

When platform provider Milyoni tallied up the stats from viewers, it found more than 2,300 tuned in across 19 countries. All purchased tickets to attend the first Social Theater concert on the Facebook platform featuring the rock band Widespread Panic.

The two-day concert in mid-June, powered by third-party app provider Milyoni and production company ACL Live, drew more than 1,900 comments from fans — each purchasing a seat to watch the show using Facebook Credits. The average concert attendee was 33, with 75% male and the remainder female. PayPal supported the transactions. A quarter of viewers attended both concert days.

While the heaviest attendance came from Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Nashville and Seattle, music lovers watched from more than 19 countries, including he United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Brazil, and South Africa. Read more here http://bit.ly/kVLSIc

The web is shrinking

Facebook’s Unbelievable Effect On The Rest Of The Web.

from Business Insider

Facebook is quietly eating up all the time we spend on the web at the expense of all other static non-Facebook sites, according to an analysis by Ben Elowitz CEO and founder of Wetpaint, a digital media startup.  If you exclude online video, and mobile web consumption, Elowitz says, “the web is shrinking.” He says the rest of the web is quickly becoming “irrelevant,” and argues that in the future companies will need to spend less time on SEO, and more time on optimizing for Facebook. It’s an interesting outlook, and worth a read here. Read the whole story http://read.bi/lp2UVo

Virtual Retail – P&G Launch 6 New Facebo

The next frontier is online and local targeting

Via Social Commerce Today

Virtual Retail – P&G Launch 6 New Facebook Stores.

As with last year’s pilot P&G Facebook stores, P&G are outsourcing e-commerce heavy lifting; this time not to Amazon, but to PFSWeb‘s eStore – an independent online retailer that exclusively sells P&G products.  The f-commerce software is a very slick looking Resource Interactive product formally known as “off-the-wall”, but now rebranded as DCP (Distributed Commerce Platform). For a brand manufacturer with limited e-commerce experience, this outsourcing is smart.

Read the whole story here http://bit.ly/kzLIYg



Facebook Poaches Google’s Top Executive

To develop Latin America

It helps to have a reference point

It always helps to have a reference point. CBS Audience Five Times Bigger Than Facebook. http://bit.ly/fFIgtE

CBS attracted almost 240 million viewers in October, who spent 210 billion minutes watching CBS programming.

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