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Experiential and Social Hold Hands

In the age of digital, humans still need the experiential factor. Imagine building web sites, apps, e-commerce sites, etc. and just using social, online advertising and search to drive traffic to your digital assets. You will be living money on the table. When I started my marketing career and before that, when I worked on entertainment, there were marketing conferences and film markets/festivals. They were a must attend to meet the brand managers, marketers, producers, distributors, buyers, etc. Over a decade has gone by and those events still draw hundreds and thousands of people around the world.

The above refers to B2B. But there are many events that target consumers and you should consider them. There are the usual suspects: music concerts, sports, fairs, etc. If you do your homework, you will find additional events that reach a more local audience and require a lower investment. Given your unique business needs, you may focus at the local, regional or national level. Regardless of the geo targeting, you need to develop an integrated approach with a well calibrated and balanced mix of marketing tactics that provides you with the best possible results.

The key takeaway is that while it is important to build your brand in the digital arena, you still need to focus on building real and live interactions with your customers and prospects. I invite you to read this article from Bryan Boettger on the subject. He elaborates on the Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner jump from space and the concepts of “real” and “live.” Read more http://bit.ly/RJQPAZ 


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