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News From the 2013 Online Marketing Summit

Heidi Melin

Heidi Melin at the Online Marketing Summit

Several topics surfaced from the keynotes at the Online Marketing Summit (#omsummit)

Heidi Melin, CMO of Eloqua said that engagement is a key tool. We know much more via digital channels and need to use digital body language to create engagement with prospects and customers. Heidi uses a dash-board with 5 key metrics for 3 key strategies. There she sees what works and moves dials to improve. That helps simplify work with large amounts of data. You should use data to determine what to eliminate in the process of making decisions so that you monitor what you keep.

According to Heidi, technology will not take over creative. We need balance between those two. Nothing compares to the power of a clever idea.

About ROI, she believes there are many ways to measure it. Most CEO’s want marketing to be measured on revenue and ROI but only 1 out of 3 is equipped to measure it. Eloqua’s process to measure and qualify sales opportunity is done via a number. They monitor information on social networks and use the digital body language to make decisions and create a more personalized offer.

It is important that you understand how much of the pipe line comes from marketing and how much from sales to develop a partnership that impacts revenue and use shared goals. Eloqua uses top-level metrics for entire team but each department has its own metrics, some of which may not be in the top-level.

Aleks Reljic, Vice President, eCommerce, Sony Electronics indicated that Sony uses about 14 media channels including affiliates, SEO, retargeting and other. Marketing technology has gotten complicated. Ad serving has changed roles and companies need to make decisions on how to deal with those changes. To build the ecosystem, you need to decide what data you want to own. For this to take place, the account needs to be on your name. You need to have a conversation with vendors when you build the ecosystem.

Start with a tag management system to work with retargeting, this will provide you with revenue attribution tools and the ability to react to marketing changes quickly as long as your budget is fluid. For Sony the window of the online sales process is about 10 days.  What is the best time to re-target and with what media? You need to learn about this.

Using too many tracking systems may slow your page. You have to understand whose pixels go on your site so that you maintain a good experience for users of your site. Sony prefers to be in control and manage the data. I-frame pixels are not a good sign, a single pixel is good and server originated is better.

E commerce platforms are difficult to change. When building them, consider a modular approach because change is here to stay. Use segmentation and keep it at a manageable scale. With regards to media, do direct buys if you know the clients are there. Develop a 52 weeks calendar for your buys and adjust for season, special events, launches (CES) and look at best day of the week. It is important to test. Sony looks at the data they have before making decisions on new technology and work with partners that are reliable.

Given the ecosystem you need many partners and need to determine what you keep in-house. Simple is not a key selling proposition. Sony asks a lot of questions and you need to be clear and up-front on your capabilities.

John Boris, Senior Vice President and CMO Shutterfly Said that most of their spend goes online. They have real-time information. New ideas are welcome at Shutterfly, they invest 17% on new ideas and use offline to bend the curve online by getting better customers.

According to John, mobile is pervasive. Most studies have 30% of traffic coming from mobile. However no company is spending 30% of their budget on this platform. The metrics are not quite there since you can’t prove that discovery comes from a mobile device. Quantifiable metrics are important and need to be used when looking at different channels. You also need to layer offline components and factor them in even when you can’t put a number to it.

Smarter analytics are a good tradeoff for dollars. Revenue metrics used at Shutterfly include CPA, ROI, LTV among others.

Social is big media for Shutterfly, it’s good for awareness and engagement. Content on social needs to be relevant, timely, and thoughtful. Social allows you to do fun things.

They look at customer engagement model and work with the CRM team to determine distribution of messages based on mindset at that time.


Media Tips: Location And Repetition Key To Online Ad Success.

By Steve Olenski

Findings from a recently released report show that online ads appearing “above the fold” are nearly seven times more effective at generating a click through than those appearing “below the fold” and that the more times someone sees an ad the more likely they are to click through and take action.

The report, issued by Casale Media, was based on their analysis of nearly two billion ad impressions which were generated during the 1Q 2011. Titled “The Link Between Ad Placement & Performance,” the report found…

Much like the age old real estate axiom, it’s all about location, location, location. Read more here

Live At Your Living Room. Facebook Proves To Google Live Streaming Concerts Pay.


Google’s YouTube might have pioneered the ability to stream live worldwide events for free online, but one band got viewers to pay for views on Facebook for the first time.

When platform provider Milyoni tallied up the stats from viewers, it found more than 2,300 tuned in across 19 countries. All purchased tickets to attend the first Social Theater concert on the Facebook platform featuring the rock band Widespread Panic.

The two-day concert in mid-June, powered by third-party app provider Milyoni and production company ACL Live, drew more than 1,900 comments from fans — each purchasing a seat to watch the show using Facebook Credits. The average concert attendee was 33, with 75% male and the remainder female. PayPal supported the transactions. A quarter of viewers attended both concert days.

While the heaviest attendance came from Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Nashville and Seattle, music lovers watched from more than 19 countries, including he United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Brazil, and South Africa. Read more here

Online video reach: 47.1%

From Online Media Daily

Online Video Spikes, Tremor Media Tops Ad Nets.

Don’t look now, but Facebook is rapidly emerging as a force in online video, according to comScore. In May, ranked fourth among all online sites with 48.2 million video viewers.

While the top social network does host user-uploaded videos, it mostly aggregates the YouTube clips that users publish on their walls. That still helped it beat out Viacom Digital, which ranked fifth in May with 46.5 million online video viewers.

Read the whole article

Virtual Retail – P&G Launch 6 New Facebo

The next frontier is online and local targeting

Via Social Commerce Today

Virtual Retail – P&G Launch 6 New Facebook Stores.

As with last year’s pilot P&G Facebook stores, P&G are outsourcing e-commerce heavy lifting; this time not to Amazon, but to PFSWeb‘s eStore – an independent online retailer that exclusively sells P&G products.  The f-commerce software is a very slick looking Resource Interactive product formally known as “off-the-wall”, but now rebranded as DCP (Distributed Commerce Platform). For a brand manufacturer with limited e-commerce experience, this outsourcing is smart.

Read the whole story here



Hispanics Online

Graphic representation.

Message boards, video games and online gambling are dominant categories. See graph:

Hispanics Are Ideal Online Consumers



Hispanics are the ideal online consumers, which is meaningful because 30 million Hispanics — or 60% of the U.S. Hispanic population — are online, and according to comScore, the so-called “digital divide” between Hispanics and everyone else is pretty much defunct.

A new study from comScore, commissioned by Terra — a Spanish-language media network — suggests that Hispanics are more active online and more receptive to new technology than non-Hispanics. The research also says the Internet is the main media source of information for Hispanics in terms of services and products. Read more:

Online video will increase by 38.6% on 2011

Via New York Times

After Two Slow Years, an Industry Rebound Begins.

To promote its Kinect controller for the Xbox 360 last fall, Microsoft introduced “The Kinect for Xbox 360 Tour” and set up locations in various cities where people could play with the Kinect and post videos on a Web site where users could comment. “As technology moves to a more social universe, we definitely see ourselves investing more,” Ms. Troberman said. read more:

So what is the ROI? #Twitter Usage

So what is the ROI?
#Twitter Usage: What’s In 8 Percent?

Despite design overhauls, big media partnerships, and more star power than a telethon, Twitter remains a largely niche American pastime.

75% + bilingual & English connect. A Clo

75% + bilingual & English connect.
A Closer Look at the US Hispanic Online Audience.

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