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Android Is The Number One Mobile Target For Malware.

What’s in your pocket?

As Android grows in popularity, so do attacks from malware on Android phones. A new report fromMcAfee says Android is now the number one mobile target for malware. Apple’s iOS is targeted so little that it’s not even in the McAfee report. Read more here


Why Smartphones Make DOOH Better

The rapid growth of smartphone adoption in the North American market means that very soon, the majority of mobile users will be walking around with very small, always connected laptops in their pockets and purses. Naysayers suggest this spells the end for many other forms of media. While that overstates matters, smartphone usage will invariably change the way media consumed. But suggestions from some quarters that digital place-based media is rendered immaterial by smart handsets are simply wrong.

There’s no end of screens and devices looking for your attention the moment you head out the door of your home or office. There’s good news. All that technology is evolving, adjusting and converging into what’s called location-based media.

Smartphones, geo-based mobile services, proximity devices and place-based digital advertising screens have evolved into a powerful opportunity for brand marketers to reach, influence and engage consumers at just the right moments, meaning,throughout their day. Read more here

Via gigaom: The raise of Mobile

Mobile devices overtake computers on Wi-Fi networks.

Mobile devices, led by the iPad and Android phones and tablets, have overtaken computers on Wi-Fi networks, according to a new report from cloud networking provider Meraki. It’s another sign that mobile is increasingly the way people access the Internet, bypassing traditional computers in their hunt for information.

Meraki said that in 2010, Windows and Mac OS X accounted for 64 percent of devices that accessed Wi-Fi networks, while iOS (the iPhone and the iPod touch at the time) accounted for 32 percent and Android was just 1 percent. A year later, iOS — bolstered by the iPad — and Android now represent 58 percent of Wi-Fi devices, while Windows and Mac OS X account for 36 percent. The numbers have gone up since March, when Om got some Wi-Fi usage statistics from Meraki, which found that the iPhone accounted for 23.5 percent of connections, while Android had 5.2 percent and the iPad took 3.4 percent.  Read the whole story

Mobile, Mobile and More Mobility

Via Business Insider

People Are Spending More Time In Mobile Apps Than On The Web

People are spending more time inside mobile applications on average than they are on the web, according to an analysis from Flurry, a mobile analytics firm.

Flurry measures the time people spend in apps through its own direct analytics. It got numbers for the web using public data from comScore and Alexa. The analysis is somewhat imperfect, but even if you judge it solely on a directional basis you can see mobile apps are consuming more and more time.

So what are people doing in those apps? Gaming and social networking, which absorb 79% of people’s time, according to Flurry. The rest is news, entertainment, and other apps.  Read the whole article

Mobile Search And Shopping Intersecting.

Mobile Search And Shopping Intersecting.

The survey, “The Mobile Movement,” found that 42% of users click on mobile ads they see and like over their smartphones. Of those, 49% go on to buy something or convert somehow, 35% later visit the advertiser’s Web site, and 27% actually call the business in the ad.

A full 82% say they “notice” mobile ads– although of course that notice doesn’t necessarily involve clicking, acting on or even actually reading the ad. Read the whole story

The future is mobile.

Mobile Trends via Mary Meeker and her analysis of mobile and social media. View the slide show and the stats.

Mobile Email Opens Report

By Knotice

The following represents the percentage of all email opens occurring on a mobile device, by mobile operating system (OS) or device, based on a composite cross sampling of 155.3 million emails sent across 12 industry segments in Q4 2010. This first table also includes percentages for desktop email opens as a reference point.  Subsequent tables that follow only contain mobile percentages. Read more:

Pay the baby sitter via your iPhone!

Financial services provider Intuit is making a mobile payments play this week with the launch of a free version of its nearly two-year-old GoPayment service. “GoPayment, designed for small businesses that don’t yet accept credit cards — think babysitters, plumbers, dogwalkers and flea market vendors — aims to compete with Square, a mobile payments company launched in 2009 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey,” Fortune reports. Read more:


#LAMobileSummit-Entertainment will be consumed on multi platforms via interactive chunks. Curt Doty of Trailer Park

#LAMobileSummit: House M.D. First mobile

#LAMobileSummit: House M.D. First mobile application based episodic production that integrated #social.

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