The Future of the Media Industry

digital mediaThe theory of evolution doesn’t only apply to live species like humans, animals and plants. Industries are also touched by evolution and need to adapt to the changing environment. The media and advertising industries are not immune. I have been following media and advertising for over 10 years and have seen them go though many changes. Those changes were usually the result of a new technology. Perhaps, one the most sweeping change is taking place now and it’s the result of the fast evolving internet related innovations.

Five years ago, the term RTB (Real Time Buy) was not part of the media and advertising lingo. Today, it’s a reality and the way many agencies are buying their online media and in the near future all media. Just as the name of this blog, RTB stands at the intersection of technology, media and advertising. This is a reminder that more changes will take place and new technologies will become part of the day-to-day business in media and advertising. The changes will require a new set of skills and knowledge and a new generation will take over the positions that individuals from legacy media will vacate.

There is more to come and at a faster pace. The innovation on technology brings us new media formats and with that native advertising. Not all media formats will survive but the ones that make it will become significant parts of our lives just like Facebook has done it. The current trends tell us a bit of what is to come that that is just a small part. This report from e-Marketer tells us about the use of online video by top advertisers and it’s an indicator of a shifting tide and with it budgets from traditional media to digital.

Mobile, online video and social are the top contenders. What do you think are other media and technology plays that will affect media and advertising in the future?


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