Summer Travel and Millennial Hispanics

Central Park


This is the season when many of us plan summer vacation for the entire family. Children are off from school and we schedule our vacation around that time. In my case I took a few days off to join three of my brothers and their families who had taken a month off from our native Ecuador to travel along the East Coast of the U.S.

Their first stop was Orlando, Florida with a visit to the amusement parks in the area. Then they drove north along the coast, visiting the many states along the road. I joined them in New York for a visit to Niagara Falls, a place that I never visited during my 7 years in New York City. Upon our return to the big apple, we spend 7 days visiting the many attractions the city offers. My travel pattern fits in with the domestic travel patterns of Hispanics in their 30’s even though I belong to the baby boomer segment..

According to research from Experian Simmons, Hispanics 18 to 29 without kids are more likely to travel than those who are parents. 68% of this group does not have children, and 72% have traveled recently. This is quite different from Hispanics in their 30s, who are more likely to take a trip if they have kids: 62% have them have children, and 66% of them have traveled. To learn more about the travel habits of Hispanic Millennials, read this article at insight tr3s.


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