Social Video On The Rise

According to an article by Daisy Whitney of VidBlog, we have proof of the power of social media. According to the article, MeFeedia grew traffic to its site 20x via social discovery. That is significant and should be an indicator for media planners and buyers that they have new tools to reach audiences. On my conversations with agency folks, both media and brand, I see that digital models from the 1.0 and 2.0 eras continue to be the standards by which they make decisions with regards to digital media buys.

Traffic at portals like Yahoo or AOL where the matrix of Web 1.0; SEO was the formula to make it to page one via Google seaarches on web 2.0. However, once social entered the equation, socialites or celebrities with a large following on social media can drive traffic to a video, a new site or a portal. Read more.


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