Video and Social Marketing Drive Content Marketing

I read an article on Forbers that pointed out that the technologies currently dominating the media landscape may not be the dominant payers in 5 to 10 years as new platforms take their place on an ongoing evolution. It seems that Darwin’s theory of evolution not only applies to living creatures but also to technology.

Take a look at technologies that were leaders in a field 10 years ago and try to place them in the current ecosystem. You will find that many are no longer around and others are fighting for survival. When was the last time you used a fax machine, a VCR or a camera with film?

If evolution in technology is crucial for survival, another key element is synergy among technologies. That synergy enables evolution. Ten years ago everyone was talking about convergence. At that time it was between television and the emerging internet. That convergence has become a reality in the last couple of years and will continue to dramatically alter many industries including media, advertising and content creation.

An emerging trend is the convergence of content and social media. This can be seen on the current contract terms for film and television celebrities. It requires celebrities to promote the content via social elements.

I’m currently working with a variation of the above. It is the convergence of online video and social media. The BeeYoo platform provides a medium for socially connected celebrities to monetize content they create or own. Research shows that we tend to gravitate to content that features celebrities. This is a new model where advertisers can reach large audiences that tune in to view exclusive content from celebrities. Audiences are built via celebrities’ postings on social media outlets.

We need to stay on top of these trends because they are the base for new strategies in the areas of media, content creation and advertising. This research briefing from The Center for Media Research presents how video and social marketing drive content marketing. Read more.


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