Hispanics Use Social Media More – But Share Less

We have seen many reports that highlight the fact that Hispanics over index the general population on the consumption of digital media including mobile platforms. However, this research by uSamp  that sampled 650 adults points out that they don’t share online as much as they consume.  I look forward to research that explains the why’s. In the interim, I have a couple of hunches.

One looks at what we saw a few years back with television commercials that were translated versions of the English spots. Results were not in the range of what advertisers expected. Savvy marketers invested on the production of spots that used cultural elements as well as Hispanic actors. The results improved so dramatically that now most advertisers invest on the the production of TV spots that are in culture and mirror the Hispanic population.

The second focuses on the size of the total internet population and the portion that corresponds to Hispanic users. Hispanics are a fraction of that total population therefore, they only contribute a smaller portion of the total. In the future, as we combine one and two, we will see more culturally relevant content being uploaded as well as more Hispanics using the internet not just as passive viewers but as active participants, sharing content, reviews and other information. Read the report here http://bit.ly/HU48c5


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