Are magazines to become extinct? Have niche publishers seen the declines of their general interest relatives?

While they have not fared as poorly as their print cousins in the newspaper business, consumer magazines have taken it on the chin over the last few years.

Last year, total ad pages as measured by the Publishers Information Bureau were off one-third from their peak of five years ago, having declined 33.4% from 253,494 in 2006 to 168,742 in 2011.

This is partly the result of the closure of some titles, as the total number of magazines tracked by PIB fell from 252 to 221 over the same period. But even magazines that survived endured steep losses.

Among the roughly 200 titles tracked continuously by PIB from 2006-2011, total ad pages fell 27.4% from 219,436 in 2006 to 159,352 in 2011.  Read more:


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