The Rise of Online Video

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and new media platforms like online video are able to offer advertisers new targeting options. Online video consumption and adoption is present across all demographics but skews towards younger demos. In addition to demos, you should consider cross platform compatibility, specifically mobile. The article bellow refers to a test done by Eyeview across entertainment channels. Interesting stats.


Personalized TV Tune-In Video Ads Boost Interaction by 40%

Eyeview said click-through rates were up 40% compared to tune-in ads for non-personalized spots. Also, brand awareness rose by about 21% for “definite tune-in intent” when the spots included local details, according to a study Vizu ran on the campaign.

Eyeview teamed up with Adobe for access to premium inventory on online entertainment channels for the campaign. As the campaign ran, the network continued to update the ads with daily show times to keep the messages relevant on a real-time basis.  Read more:


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