Hispanic Marketing Boom: The Numbers Tell The Story

It is not a whisper any more… it is a loud scream! That is the message that comes with the sheer numbers of Hispanics or Latinos or whatever label you put on it. FYI, the proper way according to the U.S. Census and other experts is Latinos.

Frances Allen, Contributor to Forbes covers the approach Denny’s restaurants has implemented on their mission to get more Latinos to eat at their restaurants.

“I have heard marketers frequently say, “A data-driven decision is always a good decision.”  I don’t necessarily agree with that all the time – insights, innovation, and a healthy measure of gut certainly play a large role in my own marketing decisions, along with paying attention to regular data-oriented updates on what’s happening  in Denny’s demographics and market segments.” Read more http://onforb.es/xU73WK


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