Super Bowl Videocast Scores Major Ad Dollars

The NFL is asking for sky-high advertising dollars for the streaming videocast of the Super Bowl to be aired on NFL and NBC sites.

The price tag comes to a whopping $55 cost per thousand viewers [CPMs]  — with big existing NFL sponsors getting first crack at buying the game online, according to media-buying executives. One of the NFL’s big sponsorship partners, General Motors, has bought up the car online exclusivity category, according to one executive.

By way of comparison, the traditional TV airing of the Super Bowl is roughly priced at $35 CPM — for an estimated 100 million TV viewers and a $3.5 million per 30-second commercial price tag. The Webcast, also to run on Verizon mobile phones, would run in conjunction with the traditional TV airing on NBC Television Network on February 5. Read more:


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