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Move Over, ‘American Idol’: Walmart’s the Next Reality Giant

Marmalade, Dog Shoes, Other Products Jockey to Win Votes for Space on Retailer’s Shelves

By:  Published: January 18, 2012
Having dabbled in everything from financial services to video streaming, Walmart Stores is now trying its hand at producing a reality show — turning the intense competition to get products on its shelves into an online contest with videos and voting.The retailer’s @WalmartLabs e-commerce and social-media R&D unit is today formally launching a “Get on the Shelf” program, inviting companies small and large to submit product ideas along with supporting videos. Consumers will vote on which products they’d like to see make it to Walmart .com or their local Walmart store. The top three vote-getters will be sold on Walmart .com, and a grand prize winner will be featured on the home page for its 50 million monthly unique visitors and in select Walmart stores. Read more


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