Believe Entertainment Group Believes in the Power of Celebrity Web Hits. Do you have a star?

Finding success in the Web series business is not that different from traditional Hollywood at times. Star power helps a lot.

That’s what digital studio Believe Entertainment Group has been banking on. Believe is the studio behind Web hits like The LeBrons, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, Mommycast and Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. Next up, Believe plans to launch shows with popular DJ Tiesto, an icon of electronic dance music and one of Billboard’s most successful touring acts, and superstar Jennifer Lopez early in 2012. The studio’s founders say they’ll look to the success of this past year’s The LeBrons as a framework. That show earned more than 50 million views across YouTube, iTunes, Digital Broadcasting Group and the star’s social channels during its three-month run, a nice performance for the show and for its advertisers, including HP, Intel, Spite, Nike and Bing. Read more:


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