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The worlds of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue have blurred, and a new realm of business has emerged.

Once upon a time, entertainment and advertising were two separate lands. Each land was dynamic, and cool, in its own way, but their denizens rarely commingled. In yet another land, the geeks of technology toiled in isolation on tasks both obscure and unfriendly. And then the winds of innovation blew through. Everything changed.

In Co.Create Nation, artists find like-minded ambassadors in commerce to tap a new audience.

Today, a new creative map is taking shape, as the barriers between these businesses fall away, spurred by a swarm of adventurers and explorers (a handful of whom are highlighted in our graphic, at right). For companies and consumers, actors and artists, marketers and musicians, there is no turning back. On the contrary, this is the wave of tomorrow.

The 2010s aren’t the first time purveyors of technology, entertainment, and advertising have forged new ground. Back in the 1930s, they melded minds to make soap operas, a form that propelled the new medium of radio with sponsorship from some of the nation’s most famous brands, like Procter & Gamble and Lever Brothers. That successful dynamic also led to the popularizing of television in the 1950s and established what we now think of as the traditional entertainment business model. Read more:


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