Wicked Smart Phones: Researcher Sees Spies Among Us

Somebody Is Watching You.

After reading this article, I recalled a couple of movies that dealt with tracking devices. In the movies, the devices were secretly implanted. I the case of mobile phones, the majority of the population in the developed countries have one. The question is who is collecting your information and how are they using it? Read the article bellow from MoBlog to learn more.

Moblog-Security File this one under “It’s Going to Catch Up With Us Sometime Soon.” As the debate over digital data tracking moves from online behavioral targeting to cell phones, the stakes over the issue get higher for all sides. This is not going to go away.

And so another dust-up over the issue comes from independent researcher Trevor Eckhart, who says he has found a commonly used and often invisible app called Carrier IQ that supports Android, Blackberry, Nokia and some tablet devices. Basically, the app can record and confer back to an operator or hardware maker just about anything a user does on his device, from browsing activity to keypresses. Read more http://bit.ly/sbZjG9


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