University of Notre Dame Report: More Money for City Coffers.

Latinos Provide Gains, Not Drain.

This article from Progress Illinois reports on the results of research done by the University of Notre Dame. Contrary to what people on the street believe, the facts prove that there is tax contributions that outweigh the consumption of local services.

In addition to increased tax revenue, the findings show that Latinos’ growing presence in the workforce has provided the Chicago area with an economic stimulus. Latinos earned $26.2 billion in 2009; after taking out taxes, savings, and money sent back to family in other countries, the population pumped $12.3 billion back into the local economy. Juan Carlos Guzmán, lead author of the report, speculated that after accounting for multiplier effects such as indirect spending stimulated by Latino consumption, the total impact on the Chicago region was closer to $23 billion. Read more.


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