Travel Marketers Increasing Mobile Spend, App Development in 2012

I identified  there are key marketing strategies that brands active in multicultural markets can focus its efforts: social media, branded content, mobile and grass roots. The article bellow identifies a category where 3 of those are also growth areas: the travel segment. I bet there are several other industries where this also applies.

Already an early presence in the mobile space, marketers in the travel segment plan to increase their efforts in 2012, according to the annual Frommer Unlimited Digital Content Trends survey. More than half (54%) of travel companies will be increasing their mobile spend, with 20% keeping it the same.

Mobile is still only the third-most-popular area for travel content marketing investment expansions, however. Both social media marketing (65%) and brand content (55%) are even more likely to see increased investment.

Apps appear to be a favorite among travel companies.  Read more


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