Minorities More Active on Mobile Web.

Also echoed at the MMA: Minorities over index general population on the use of mobile devices. That highlights the importance of understanding the Multicultural segment and how technology intersects with the culture and brand needs.

Hispanic mobile users are nearly 17 percentage points more likely to use mobile web than whites

While whites make up the lion’s share of US mobile phone and mobile internet users, a new eMarketer forecast estimates Hispanic, Asian and black mobile users in the US access the mobile internet more often than their white counterparts, and that they will continue to outpace whites in mobile internet adoption through 2015.

eMarketer estimates that about two-thirds of US mobile users will be white at the end of this year, decreasing to 64.1% to 2015 as black, Asian and Hispanic consumers inch upward in mobile adoption.

US Mobile Phone User Share, by Race/Ethnicity, 2010-2015 (% of total)

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