Win With Ethnic Consumers: That’s the Rallying Cry at ANA Conference

Have American brands and marketers finally realized that segmentation and localization were the strategy required to market to U.S. Latinos. Their international departments were already doing it. Chiqui Cartagena, the VP-corporate marketing for Univision Communications Inc., reports from the conference for AdAge Blogs.

This year’s ANA Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Conference was so hot, it ended with a fire alarm . . . literally. A false alarm cleared the room a half hour before closing time.

The 12th annual gathering of those of us who toil in the business of marketing to ethnic consumers broke attendance marks and brought to Miami Beach a record number of high-powered marketers who shared insights and best practices.

The growth of the conference is no doubt a reflection of the upsurge that multicultural marketing is having in the business community. The number of attendees has doubled in just a few years.

It’s amazing to hear C-level executives –- from Pepsico to Home Depot, Miller Coors and Walmart — tell the crowd of over 700 people that marketing to ethnic consumers has become a business imperative for their corporations, and that the only way they are going to achieve their numbers in these tough economic times is by focusing on Latinos, African-Americans and Asians. Read more


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