How Digital Out-of-Home Technologies Are Helping Advertisers Expand Brand Reach and Engage Consumers Online

The technological development of recent years is touching all areas of our daily lives. The word digital is part of the advertising lingo for many years. Starting with the creation of digital images that later populated magazines and newspapers to the recent propagation of video via screens that are placed along busy streets, transportation systems, stores, restaurants, etc.

Consumers are expending more time out of their homes and digital out of home media (DOOH) provides agencies and brands with new touch points. The principles are the same: the message must reach a targeted audience a number of times to create awareness. DOOH helps advertisers expand brand reach and engage consumers online.

NEW YORK, NY—April 21, 2011—Last week, MediaPost hosted the Digital Out-of-Home Forum and Awards, an annual event that explores the current trends in technology and media within the space.

Much attention has been given to new and emerging technologies such as QR codes, Near-Field Communication (NFC), Augmented Reality (AR), gesture-based interaction, social media integration, multiuser and multi-touch screen interfaces and projection mapping. But the big story about today’s digital out-of-home advertising is not about the technology, instead it’s about the significant impact the medium is having on driving consumer engagement for brands beyond the physical locations the media are in. Read more 


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