Chevrolet Talks Family With New Silverado Campaign

Hispanic strategy driving general market?

That seems to be the gist of this interview with the creative director of Latin Works working in this campaign.


Forget minivans; pickup trucks — especially crew cabs — are the glue that holds families together. That might be a subplot for Chevrolet’s Hispanic and general market campaign for the 2012 Silverado pickup. The automaker is reaching out to Hispanics with new ads under a “Ponte a Vivir ” (Get to Living) banner.

The effort from Chevrolet’s multicultural AOR, LatinWorks, includes two :30 TV spots, one of which shows how a father, who is angrily toting his mud-spattered kids in the back seat of his truck, softens his perspective on kids and dirt by swerving off road and driving his spotless Silverado through the middle of a mud pit.

Erik Hernandez, creative director at the agency, tells Marketing Daily this is the first work on Silverado for the agency, which took over the reins on Chevy’s Hispanic efforts from Accent Marketing a year ago during changes that brought in Goodby Silverstein & Partners as AOR. Read more


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