Spanish, English And Spanglish: Facebook Fans React

I’m a first generation Latino and interact with Latinos on a daily bases. Many recent immigrants speak only Spanish, most first generation are fully bilingual, I’m keeping my children bilingual but have run into many second generation Latinos that only speak English. I think that the more skills you have the more opportunities you have and that includes speaking and writing other languages. Where are you in this language issue.

Via NPR.

When we asked our Facebook fans how the use of Spanish and English was affecting them, we were surprised by the more than 1,000 comments the question received. Fans shared feelings of appreciation, claimed it had enhanced their love lives and expressed annoyance and anger at being turned down for jobs for not knowing Spanish. One mother in Texas even told us she made her husband sleep outside her son’s school “in the cold and rain” to secure a spot in a dual language program. Here is a sampling of responses. ¡Que disfruten! (Enjoy!) Read more


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