Social Media Spearheads Business Interactions

I have obtained positive results from my online/social media efforts for business development. I think the technology advancements of each decade have always changed the way you do business. I recall that in the 90’s, I developed business relationships with companies in foreign countries. We had no physical interaction and most of our transactions were done via fax with an occasional phone call. Internet, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and others facilitate business development and project management. The article bellow mentions Social Media.  I’m sure that in 10 years we will be dealing with new technologies. What do you think they will be?

So much for that human touch.

In most markets around the globe, social media communication has become the most influential channel for business purchases — outranking face-to-face meetings, conferences, client entertaining or traditional trade advertising — according to new research from Trendstream’s GlobalWebIndex.

In June, 15% of “global decision makers” surveyed by the social media consultancy cited “conversations with people from a company/organisation on a social network” as having the greatest influence on business decisions. Cited by 13% of respondents, “direct mails” ranked second.

Still, 16% of “senior decision makers” — or those at senior manager level and above — cited conversations as well as “sales presentations” as having the greatest influence on business decisions. Read more


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