MediaPost Publications WOM Explodes Thanks To Social Media 10/19/2011














MediaPost Publications WOM Explodes Thanks To Social Media 10/19/2011.

I’ve been developing marketing plans that integrate grassroots with social media and mobile to reach young demos. The strategy is a natural fit when targeting Latinos. This article in media posts validates that strategy. I also support the need to link these efforts to the bottom line. Read this article for more detail.

Also known as “word of mouth,” what’s the secret to a successful earned media strategy? Traditional paid media, according to Tracy Stokes, principal analyst at Forrester Research and former senior director of global brand marketing at Timberland.

Born from traditional public relations, Forrester defines earned media as “a message about a company passed between consumers as a result of an experience with the brand.” And thanks largely to an explosion in social media, earned media is on fire.


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