Where the Hispanic Viewers Are (Not Just on Univision)

I’m from Ecuador and my ex-wife was from Mexico. While we were married, most of the TV watching was done on cable or English language networks. Our Spanish media consumption was done at the movie theaters and video. However, we spoke to each other in Spanish most of the time. Our children (a 10 year old boy and a 6 year old girl) speak English fluently, basic Spanish and are learning French. We are not your traditional family on either market. From reading his article in AdAge DIGITAL, I just learned that David Morgan has a similar experience. Read the article bellow to learn more. What do you watch?

Via AdAge Digital

This may come as a surprise, but a large proportion of the US Hispanics cannot be reached with advertising on Spanish-language TV networks. Is it that they’re not watching TV? No. In fact, according to Nielsen data, US Hispanic households watch more TV than average. However, contrary to what you would think, many US Hispanic viewers watch no Spanish-language programming on TV, and many more watch very little.

Hispanic audiences are critical to the future of US media and marketing. According to the US Census, Hispanics now account for more than 15% of the US population, and are projected to grow to more than 25% by 2050. This has led many to speculate that Spanish-language media, and television particularly, will eventually capture a corresponding share of US advertising and marketing expenditures. Nice in concept, but it won’t happen.

I have a particular interest in the issue. I am part of an Hispanic household. My wife is Mexican. Our daughters are both Mexican and American. To each other, they speak Spanish as their primary language. To me, they speak English. Their Mexican identity impacts our food, clothing, entertainment, travel, current affairs conversations and much of our product purchasing. Nevertheless, while they watch some Spanish-language movies (on TV, in theaters?), we watch virtually no Spanish-language network television. We are a classic bilingual US Hispanic household. We watch plenty of TV, but are hard to find if you target us with traditional planning metrics. Read more http://bit.ly/nY5vKv


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