Follow The Leader. Hollywood Leads Change In Ad Campaign Strategy

Google has put together an ad package for Hollywood studios that seems to have generated consumer interest and identified intent. Despite a slight increase in summer ticket sales of nearly 5%, according to, searches on for blockbuster films rose 28%, contributing to the approximate 3% uptick in attendance, compared with the previous year.

The move identifies deliberate intent by consumers to tap into online channels before making a decision. It also signifies an opportunity to capture the attention of moviegoers much earlier in the process, according to Adam Stewart, Google’s industry director of media and entertainment.

Searches for generic keywords and terms such as “movies,” “new movies,” and “new trailers” rose more than 6% during summer 2011 compared with the previous year, and more than 15% annually. Searches for this summer’s top blockbusters rose 28% at premiere, and 12% for the four weeks pre- and post-movie launch, compared with the top titles in 2010. Read more here


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