Why Smartphones Make DOOH Better

The rapid growth of smartphone adoption in the North American market means that very soon, the majority of mobile users will be walking around with very small, always connected laptops in their pockets and purses. Naysayers suggest this spells the end for many other forms of media. While that overstates matters, smartphone usage will invariably change the way media consumed. But suggestions from some quarters that digital place-based media is rendered immaterial by smart handsets are simply wrong.

There’s no end of screens and devices looking for your attention the moment you head out the door of your home or office. There’s good news. All that technology is evolving, adjusting and converging into what’s called location-based media.

Smartphones, geo-based mobile services, proximity devices and place-based digital advertising screens have evolved into a powerful opportunity for brand marketers to reach, influence and engage consumers at just the right moments, meaning,throughout their day. Read more here http://bit.ly/qOpzka


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