Hispanics lead mobile use and follow Asians on Internet video.

New Nielsen data shows African-Americans watch considerably more TV than other demographic groups, while Asian-Americans watch notably less, although the group consumes the most online video on average.

African-Americans watch an average of nearly 213 hours a month, topping the approximately 100-hour average for Asian-Americans. Whites at about 156 hours, and Hispanics at an estimated 136, fall in the middle.

With Internet video viewing (computers only, home and work), Asians average over 10 hours a month, topping all other three groups significantly. Hispanics follow with an average of about six and a half hours. African-Americans are next — near six hours — and whites are close to four hours.

Hispanics lead in smartphone penetration with 53%, followed by Asian-Americans at 48%, African-Americans at 39% and whites at 30%. Yet, African Americans lead in average time spent watching video on a mobile device at close to six and a half hours per person, followed by Hispanics and Asians, where both groups have an average of four hours and 20 minutes. Read more here http://bit.ly/n9ge5F


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