Faster Than An Airplane! Mobile Auto Sites Drive Traffic Faster Than Web.


Auto brands are often among the first to push into new forms of media and advertising. That appears to be the case where mobile is concerned, too. Traffic to the mobile sites of automotive companies is growing much faster than to their PC-based Web sites, according to new study by comScore commissioned by mobile ad network Jumptap.

While traffic to traditional auto sites is increasing 30% annually, the number of visitors on the mobile side is up 463%, or 15 times the growth rate of online. Given the smaller base of mobile Web users, it’s not too surprising that mobile traffic would be growing faster at this point.

People visiting mobile auto sites were also more likely to own a smartphone or a tablet than the overall mobile population. Seven in 10 (69%) who go to auto sites via mobile have smartphones, compared to 33% of U.S. mobile users overall who use smartphones. Automakers are trying to capitalize on the growing consumer adoption of high-end devices. Read more here


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