Live At Your Living Room. Facebook Proves To Google Live Streaming Concerts Pay.


Google’s YouTube might have pioneered the ability to stream live worldwide events for free online, but one band got viewers to pay for views on Facebook for the first time.

When platform provider Milyoni tallied up the stats from viewers, it found more than 2,300 tuned in across 19 countries. All purchased tickets to attend the first Social Theater concert on the Facebook platform featuring the rock band Widespread Panic.

The two-day concert in mid-June, powered by third-party app provider Milyoni and production company ACL Live, drew more than 1,900 comments from fans — each purchasing a seat to watch the show using Facebook Credits. The average concert attendee was 33, with 75% male and the remainder female. PayPal supported the transactions. A quarter of viewers attended both concert days.

While the heaviest attendance came from Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Nashville and Seattle, music lovers watched from more than 19 countries, including he United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Brazil, and South Africa. Read more here


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