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Virtual Retail – P&G Launch 6 New Facebo

The next frontier is online and local targeting

Via Social Commerce Today

Virtual Retail – P&G Launch 6 New Facebook Stores.

As with last year’s pilot P&G Facebook stores, P&G are outsourcing e-commerce heavy lifting; this time not to Amazon, but to PFSWeb‘s eStore – an independent online retailer that exclusively sells P&G products.  The f-commerce software is a very slick looking Resource Interactive product formally known as “off-the-wall”, but now rebranded as DCP (Distributed Commerce Platform). For a brand manufacturer with limited e-commerce experience, this outsourcing is smart.

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Branded Content Opportunity?

Branded Content Opportunity?
New Research Indicates Netflix Huge Among Important Target

While there are plenty of so-called “hard-to-reach” demos that media buyers grapple with, it’s time for a new segment to enter the industry lexicon: the “Netflix demo.” For marketers, this is a brewing storm and to say the group is an elusive target is an exceeding understatement.

Among the hard to reach may be young gamers, but at least there’s the chance to have an avatar maneuver around a Mountain Dew machine. For wealthy DVR fiends, there are some — as dubious as it may be — who still argue there is ad exposure during fast-forwarding.  Read the whole story here

Grassroots integration

Dr Pepper Sponsors Premios Juventud VIP Tour.

Dr Pepper has signed to sponsor a series of concerts leading up to the network’s Premios Juventud, a Hispanic youth awards show that celebrates pop culture. It is one of Univision’s most popular specials.

Tabbed Premios Juventud VIP Tour, past award winners and current nominees will be among those featured in Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston. Musical artists include El Torito, Chino & Nacho, and reggaeatonsensation Alexis & Fido.

Let’s Play

Social Games Are Glue For Brand Engagement.

Social Gaming panelists at the OMMA Social conference in New York on Thursday said the power of games to get people to engage with brands is driven by the addictive nature of the games, and if they are at the right place, they can have captive audiences who are also willing to share what they learn.

“Thirty percent of viewers of prime time TV are watching with another screen open,” said Jay Samit, CEO of SocialVibe. “It’s a great medium for storytelling, but why spend money on a Super Bowl ad and then ask people to go find it on YouTube?” He said SocialVibe worked with Kia to drive engagement within Zynga’s social games during the last Bowl Game. “We saw three-minute average engagement because they were still playing FarmVille.” Read the whole story here

In Rome do as the Romans do

5 Reasons For Using Spanish To Reach Hispanics Online.

The release of the 2010 Census has re-ignited the debate about which language is best for reaching U.S. Hispanics. With U.S. born Hispanics now outnumbering foreign born Hispanics, the voices of proponents of using English are growing louder. Where do I stand in this debate? Well, it’s quite simple: Figure out the language preference of your target audience and use that language, be it English or Spanish. Read the whole story here

Digital Rabbit Ears?

Over the Air (OTA) Minority Viewership Rises.

TV viewers with over-the-air broadcast-only programming continue to grow — mostly among younger, lower-income and minority homes. U.S. viewers receiving over-the-air broadcast signals have risen about 10% to a total 45.6 million versus a year ago — this according to Knowledge Networks. The research company says this amounts to 15% — or around 17 million — of all U.S. TV homes. Read the whole story here

Smaller Companies Better Suited to Succeed?

Disruption Demands ‘Customer-Obsessed’ Model.

Technology-empowered consumers are so radically disrupting the traditional competitive scenario across industries that companies must now be “customer-obsessed,” not just “customer-centric,” in order to survive and thrive, contends a new report from Forrester Research, Inc.

This isn’t mere jargon — it requires willingness to make fundamental thinking, strategic and investment shifts — including redistributing money spent on brand advertising and other traditional dominance-creating areas, stresses Josh Bernoff, senior vice president, idea development for Forrester Research and primary author of thereport, “Competitive Strategy In the Age of the Customer.” Read the whole story here

Late Night TV. Late Shifts: ‘Daily Show

Late Night TV. Late Shifts: ‘Daily Show’ Trumps ‘Leno,’ ‘Letterman’

FMR: The Five Mile Radius in Retail

FMR: The Five Mile Radius. Deal Me In: Amazon Launches AmazonLocal.

Hispanics social by nature.

Minority Groups More Likely to Support Online Causes.

Significant proportions of African-American (30%) and Hispanic (39%) adults say they are more likely to support a cause or social issue online than offline, according to the results of a new study by Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. That compares to 24% of white American adults agreeing with the same statement.

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