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Social Games Are Glue For Brand Engagement.

Social Gaming panelists at the OMMA Social conference in New York on Thursday said the power of games to get people to engage with brands is driven by the addictive nature of the games, and if they are at the right place, they can have captive audiences who are also willing to share what they learn.

“Thirty percent of viewers of prime time TV are watching with another screen open,” said Jay Samit, CEO of SocialVibe. “It’s a great medium for storytelling, but why spend money on a Super Bowl ad and then ask people to go find it on YouTube?” He said SocialVibe worked with Kia to drive engagement within Zynga’s social games during the last Bowl Game. “We saw three-minute average engagement because they were still playing FarmVille.” Read the whole story here http://bit.ly/joeMkZ


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