Argentina surpassed Chile on wine exports to U.S.

Thanks to Malbec. Measured on $$ (Spanish).

During the past five years, bottled wine exports to the United States grew from 76 to $ 222 million, representing an increase of 16.8% compared with 2.4% growth in wines from Chile in the same market.

This is a first for Argentinean wines and is a reflection of extensive work done for some time through entities such as Wines of Argentina, ProMendoza, COVIAR, among others, and by many winemakers who see exports as the key driver of business growth.

For both Argentina and Chile, the U.S. market represents their most important country of export, occupying 34% and 17% respectively, although wines from Chile continue to have a greater presence in volume which amounts to 7.5 million boxes compared with 6.9 million for Argentinean wines.

Wines of Argentina, responsible for promoting the wine abroad, explained: “America is a market that demands expertise and Argentina is great at producing Malbec and this country’s progress in this market is the result of a direct, powerful and precise message, “said Alberto Arizu (h), president of the institution.

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