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Evian’s ‘Live Young’ Takes Urban Turn For 2011.

How do you follow an act like rapping, roller-skating babies?


Rather than attempt to one-up those videos/commercials — which are still generating views and viral action a year and a half after their debut (14 million views of the U.S. version and nearly 32.6 million of the international version to date) — Evian continues to build on their popularity.

Subsequent extensions of the “Live young” campaign have included the introduction of trompe l’oeil posters and T-shirts from creative agency Euro RSCG (the wearer’s head appears to top a baby’s torso) and a variety of engagement devices on Evian’s Facebook page, such as a “Live young” community (with thousands of photos of participants in baby T-shirts posted) and “training courses.”  Read more: http://bit.ly/e6ayLL


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