One to one marketing on your TV?

Broadcast Still Ad-Attractive, DVR Could Be Helpful.

by David Goetzl, Wednesday, December 22, 2010, 1:15 PM
For media executives, it wasn’t long ago that the “Big Bang Theory” wasn’t a sitcom. A chaos theory held DVRs would usher in such rampant ad-skipping that financials would be in flux. The result: no more shows like the CBS hit.That’s been disproved. Broadcast television — the most at risk because of its reliance on ad money — continues to attract high-spending marketers even as ratings drop.

Networks may still wish DVRs had suffered the fate of the Edsel and just gone away. The devices still aren’t Mustangs, but a couple of events this week indicate DVRs may be a sort of frenemy. Read more:


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