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Source: Adweek

GfK MRI polling finds 30 percent of adults saying they encountered a ‘place-based’ video ad within the past 30 days

Oct 20, 2010

– Mark Dolliver


Newly released survey data from GfK MRI confirm the popular wisdom that consumers can run but they can’t hide from advertising. Thirty percent of respondents said they’d seen a “place-based” video ad in the 30 days before being queried.

Stores were the venue in which respondents to the polling (conducted this past spring) were likeliest to have encountered video advertising within that 30-day period, with 19 percent saying they’d done so.

Other places registering in double digits were shopping malls (15 percent), restaurants (11 percent) and medical offices (11 percent). Slightly fewer reported seeing video ads within the 30-day period in bars/pubs (9 percent), airports (8 percent) or gyms/health clubs (7 percent). As GfK MRI says in its analysis of the data, the percentages translate into a total of 67.4 million adults who saw video ads in these locations.

Since they’re typically out and about more than their elders, 18-34-year-olds were especially likely to report having seen place-based video ads in the prior 30 days. Men in that age cohort were 28 percent more likely than respondents in general to have done so, and women of that age were 13 percent more likely to have done so.

There were also some sizable gender gaps among the 18-34s, depending on the kind of location. For example, the men were more than twice as likely as the women to have encountered a video ad in an airport and about half again as likely to have seen such ads in bars/pubs. The disparity was narrower when it comes to shopping malls. But even in that venue — which one tends to associate more with women than with men — the 18-34-year-old men were a bit more likely than their female counterparts to have seen video ads in the past 30 days.

The men in that cohort indexed at 145 against the total respondent pool, while the women indexed at 132. Might it be that young men were idly gazing at the video screens while waiting for their wives and girlfriends to finish buying stuff?



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