Search Becoming More Social

Several announcements today set the tone for the title of today’s post. After reading the announcement that Bing will be using the “Like” information from Facebook to personalize searches, I started to wonder how every time that I click on an invite to join a brand’s fan page or make a comment on a specific topic, will determine what is delivered to me on searches as well as online ads. Without a doubt, having access to “Like” information for  500 million people will provide Bing ammunition to give Google a run for its money. This signals a trend on the socialization of search.

Corona Light beer announcement this morning is another move on this direction. The campaign aims at driving young women to the brand’s Fan page on Facebook. The effort is being supported and integrated with other media.  An integral part of the effort is Digital Out of Home. Specifically the digital board on New York’s Time Square.

It is a time of change, consolidation and integration. That opens the door of opportunity for those that understand human behavior and are able to leverage the rapid developments of technology in the Advertising industry.

We will keep you posted via this blog and brief summaries of the leading stories at the intersection of our industries every day.



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