The Importance of the U.S. Hispanic Market

According to a number of reports, the economy will start to turn around this year. Many companies have made cuts related to the recession and will have to increase budgets and personnel to support the growth. A strategy that will pay by itself is investing in the fastest growing markets in the U.S.

Here are some highlights:  21 percent of U.S. moms are Hispanic, and in key markets that percentage is even more dramatic. In New York, 33 percent of all moms are Hispanic. In Dallas, that figure now hits 32 percent. And in Los Angeles, it’s nearly half at 47 percent.

Marketers that need to reach young men, take note. Over the past five years, the Hispanic male 18-34 population has grown 23 percent vs. just 2 percent for non-Hispanics. Read the entire Adweek  article here.


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